step three. The fresh new Heartbreaking Stop from Luchador “Minis” La Parkita and you may Este Espectrito Jr

“It is unusual,” Solar affirms when recounting the story. “It’s almost like that have a good premonition. I talked with Angel Blanco to have an hour or so within the Reciente Laredo through to the show and you will from the his buddy El Solitario. He was afflicted because the he’d passed away young.”

A face mask can be hide of several feelings, although recounting of the heartbreaking incident resulted in a fountain of rips throughout the pained luchador.

“For me, it’s been very hard. Time has not enacted for me. I believe enjoy it was past,” laments an excellent teary-eyed Solar. “That is lifetime. It looks i chance our everyday life inside and outside of band.”

That was the new heartbreaking and you will macabre stop regarding Los angeles Ola Blanca. We could just vow you to definitely El Angel Blanco was reunited having El Solitario regarding the afterlife.

La Parkita and you will Este Espectrito Jr. (Absolutely nothing Spectre) were very popular nothing some one luchadors named “minis” on AAA venture and you can was indeed faster systems out of wrestlers on the brand new lineup. CMLL calls all of them “Small Celebrities.” Unfortunately, they satisfied a tragic avoid.

La Parkita and you will Espectrito Jr. was very popular into the fans until the team suddenly concluded. [Source: reporteindigo] Into the , the dual brothers, as opposed to their clothes otherwise face masks, was indeed partying such as for example there’s zero the next day from inside the a pub only northwest of your own city’s historical center. These people were having a great time, which have singing mariachis blowing the trumpets, playing its violins, and you will strumming the guitars to all of them.

When live musicians and artists didn’t praise them, they joyfully paid for the jukebox full of good audio that recommended this new proceeded disperse of your hard posts.

They decided to remain the fresh celebrations for the room #52 in the regional Reciente Resorts. Regulators don’t know if the small luchadors titled ahead to own a few women or if they satisfied at the pub and went to each other.

Lodge video security cameras tell you them entering the lodge lobby and their companions currently there. About chilling clips, we plus understand the women get-off at six:31 was without having any luchadors, allegedly once they had poisoned and you may robbed all of them.

View Lodge Lobby Movies In which La Parkita and you may Este Espectrito Jr. Stumble on The Murderers:

The following early morning, after knocking towards the home and never acquiring a reply, place services joined and you will encountered a great grisly breakthrough-two dead undressed micro luchadors sprawled into the sleep. There clearly was an alcoholic beverages package into the nightstand, cans regarding fruit juice, as well as their clothing put all of the hence ways. The things took place the night time just before?

That these falls dilate your scholar ahead of a watch exam, enlarging it and you may relaxing the attention human anatomy. When the taken by mouth, they are able to cause blurry sight, rational hallucinations, loss of control, rapid heartbeat, and even passing.

During this time period, the police was regularly looking drugged dudes who have been searching to own love in all a bad towns, discarded their personal land, and to-be subjects of something far tough than just a bad dangle over.

1 year after, the fresh scandalous circumstances is set, whenever a judge sentenced Maria De- Los Angeles Sanchez Rueda (44) and Estela Gonzalez Calva (65) to 47 age and you may six months for each into the jail. The brand new court together with ordered the equivalent of $7,350 getting damages and you can psychiatric care for the minis’ people.

For the 2015, movie director Arturo Ripstein put-out a film predicated on so it event that have new term “Los angeles Calle de- la Amargura” or Bleak Path. The latest 72-year-old manager, within his facetious malfunction away from what his film is all about, mentioned that “it’s a story regarding whores and you may midgets.”

Bodies concluded that the fresh new sex professionals poisoned new luchadors that have an excellent lethal combination of Cyclopentolate eyes falls within their alcoholic beverages

About movie, the brand new mini luchadores has actually an ongoing reference to the brand new prostitutes. The film intentions to show the newest fight of individuals living into the the newest margin of society simply looking to survive.