Lithuania has a lot of stuff for lovers to do. Whether it be an activity in nature or a romantic hideaway, there is something for everyone.

Trakai Castle is an excellent place just for couples to check out. It gives you beautiful landscapes on the surrounding lake. The area also has a lagoon avenue with rock sculptures.

1 . Have a Hot Air Balloon Ride

A aerial ballon flight is one of the the majority of romantic activities in Lithuania. Couples can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Vilnius’ aged town as well as the surrounding countryside. Depending on your chosen package, you can also float more than lush lakes and wilderness.

After a typical hotel pickup, you will meet your pilot and board the balloon. After having a gentle takeoff, you’ll drift above Vilnius and its surrounds for the reason that the sun soars. You’ll observe baroque and renaissance-era buildings inside the old community, as well as rich forests blending into the cityscape.

The Devil’s Museum is another weird activity in Vilnius. It’s not a traditional museum, nonetheless it does feature a good amount of interesting a muslim that will make you squirm. A number of the pieces illustrate devils, wizards, and nurses, while other people show more ordinary objects just like a toilet or a bike. The ability is most beneficial when the climate is clear. This is because balloons only fly when the visibility is good.

2 . Go on a Kayak Head to

Taking a boat tour is one of the most unique and exciting activities as a couple in Lithuania. This experience will allow you to look at our enchanting capital from a completely different point of view, while likewise learning some interesting information about our nation.

Within this kayaking excitement you might be exploring the wetlands of Aukstaitijos National Recreation area. You will get a chance to visit the UNESCO historical past site of Trakai Fort which was once a home for Grand Duchess of Lithuania and has many other interesting ruins to check out.

You will additionally be able to benefit from the Lietuvos Juru muziejus (Lithuanian Marine Museum) which includes big aquariums, a great aquarium tunnel and superb sea big cat and dolphin shows. It is very positioned in a fortification within the Curonian Spit and is a short ferry drive from Klaipeda. You will also be able to stay in a Underwater guesthouse that has warm fisherman styled areas and is situated on the shores in the Curonian Lagoon.

two. Go on a Going up the Tour

It could come as a surprise for some, but Lithuania is a great place for couples seeking opportunity. With all the things from secluded individual cabins to treehouses and even “Fifty Shades of Grey” inspired areas, you’re certain to find anything that you just and your spouse will enjoy.

The main fascination is the area castle in Trakai, a 14th hundred years stone fortress that has been artfully restored and rebuilt. Different highlights contain the Dutchman’s Cover, a rock and roll formation that resembles a bi-corn admiral’s hat. The nearby Anyksciai monastery is also worth a go to, as well as the local museum that features a list of wooden sculptures representing magical figures like Perkunas and Neringa.

When you’re looking for a even more lively excursion, after that try a kayak tour or perhaps hiking in the national area. The locals love to leave the urban centers and go out into aspect, especially in winter months. Kayaking, sportfishing, berry- and mushroom picking are typical popular activities throughout summer, while in the winter, they go walking, cross-country skiing, or ice-fishing!

4. Take a00 Skiing Travel

The country’s flatness and large quantity of pristine forests make it an ideal destination for the purpose of winter sports. Inspite of the lack of mountain range, visitors can also enjoy adrenaline pumping travels both on and off-road.

Whether you like the comforts of a yurt or a teepee, Lithuania’s rich network of glamping destinations will certainly have a thing that suits your fancy. These private getaways present a comfortable place to move out the ice cold while still becoming just a stone’s throw away by some of Lithuania’s most beautiful nature spots.

Those in search of more extreme winter actions can get one of these static lines parachute begin Druskininkai, one very popular resort area known for it is spa therapies and outdoor recreational options. This stimulating experience allows you to free fall season from a few, 000 meters before gliding for the ground through the help of an instructor so, who operates the parachute. The hop is suitable for experienced and newbie skydivers alike. The buying price of the adventure incorporates instruction, leasing equipment, and round-trip transfers.